Kuula + Jylhä shoes and accessories are handmade in Helsinki/Tallinn with time and passion. Collections consists of unique pieces and small series. Kuula+Jylhä is all about wild ideas, handmade, local design, open and honest production and love & passion towards design and people.

Important values for us are preferably local, open and honest production line, natural materials and slow handmade design. We are not following the traditional seasonal thinking of the fashion world. We have our on pace, which means possibly one collection per year and few unique models in between collections. From there comes our slogan ”Slow Shoes”. It’s also important to surprise people and try to think a little outside the box.

Footwear design is like architecture for the feet. You are essentially building a home, preferably one that is functional and comfortable. It’s very challenging to combine that functionality with our often complex aesthetic, but we love the challenge. We love those little moments of realization, when we’ve been struggling with a design problem and suddenly realize how to solve it. That moment when you see the objects you have only imagined transform into reality is really amazing. We want to produce little footwear adventures to the people. Our aim is to stretch the boundaries of the footwear design and also the boundaries inside our own heads for what footwear design should be.